Caroline  O'Donovan

Caroline O'Donovan

Caroline O'Donovan is a reporter and staff writer for the Nieman Journalism Lab. Her writing has appeared in The New Republic, where she worked as a literary intern, as well as at Gaper’s Block, the Architect's Newspaper and the Chicagoist. She was a Davee Fellow at Chicago Public Media, where she assisted with the production of live morning news and talk show and reported on the news desk. She has also reported for American Public Media's Marketplace. She tweets @ceodonovan, an endeavor she has been told is “actually really funny.” Caroline is a graduate of the University of Chicago.

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Curious City | WBEZ answers why Chicago has had so many ...

A listener asked what’s in the Dems’ secret sauce to get Chicago mayors elected. Our findings: Patronage? Sure. Successful ethnic outreach? Yep. Being on the winning side of the politics of booze? Whuh?

10 Things We Learned At The UIC Urban Forum (ft. DJ Ray LaHood ...

rjseg1 In an enormous, frigid gymnasium this Thursday, the University of Illinois at Chicago invited top policy thinkers and students from across the city to gather and meditate on the problems facing this fair city. The top policy thinkers accepted the invitation. Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, Illinois

Nieman Lab

At The Wall Street Journal, a smartphone app has reporters on ...

WorldStream, the Journal's stream of brief videos built on Tout, is getting premium ad rates and substantial audience numbers.

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Can Newsweek 'snowfall' on a weekly basis? » Nieman Journalism ...

Newsweek launched a beta version of their newly redesigned website today. AdAge's Michael Sebastian has more details on the new site, which he calls a "dramatic re-imagining." Along with the new look, NewsBeast has a new plan for how to make money off the former print magazine. Newswee…

The New Republic


While most people do not believe that the Garden of Eden can be found, its geographical location has been a point of obsession in the minds of a handf


Chicago City Council approves new budget

The city's aldermen voted 46-3 on Thursday to approve Mayor Rahm Emanuel's $8.3 billion spending plan.


Chicago residents can opt out of city's electricity aggregation ... - WBEZ

Residents who don’t buy the city’s promise to save them cash can seek an alternative.

CHIRP Radio Revamps Website: Chicagoist

Apparently, something on (in?) the Internet ate all of CHIRP Radio’s stuff. “Unrecoverable error,” they say. But as of Thursday, that’s all in the past, as CHIRP Radio unveiled it’s new website—so fresh, so clean, etc. First things first, yes there is a website launch party. CHIRP is big

Nieman Lab

Dan Gillmor says journalists are uninformed about who controls the ...

The Arizona State professor is working on a book project that also looks at journalists' poor understanding of online security.

Demolition At Bridgeport Warehouse: Chicagoist

A crowd gathered on Saturday afternoon to watch the demolition of the Bridgeport warehouse that caught fire Tuesday night. The blaze rekindled on Friday, prompting the building’s owner, Calvin Boender, to apply for a permit to demolish it. Boender has been in prison for bribery since 2010. The fire department

DePaul Art Museum Explores The "Climate Of Uncertainty" In New ...

Terry Evans, Icefjord that leads to the mouth of the Jakobshavn Glacier, June 27, 2008, morning, (Greenland Glacier: The Scale of Climate Change), inkjet print, courtesy of the artist and the Spencer Museum of Art Lawrence, Kansas, image courtesy of Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago The Fullerton Ave. CTA stop

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Diaries, the original social media: How our obsession with ...

"Twitter is known for three things. It's known for the Arab Spring, it's known for Justin Bieber, and it's known for narcissism."

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Does that worry you, about newspapers dying? - Nieman Journalism ...

The New Republic's Isaac Chotiner was hellbent on asking the the tough questions when he interviewed Politico founders John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei. There's a feisty exchange about the work environment at Politico, especially for their female employees, but the Beltway gentlemen also get into th…


Hostess no more?

Hostess, the maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, is going out of business, closing plants, laying off its 18,500 workers and putting its brands up for sale.